Buying Art From an Online Gallery

Buying Art From an Online Gallery

If you have ever spent an afternoon in an art gallery you have probably noticed that visitors wander around slowly and they take the time to appreciate the art that is hanging on the walls.  Art lovers don’t get to spend as much time as they would like wandering around a gallery, because regular life gets in the way.  Modern technology has changed all of that and now you can appreciate some of your favorite art online.  Buying art from an online gallery is just as easy as buying a t-shirt online.

The web has come a long way and now with virtual tours you can feel just like you are walking around an actual art gallery.  All you need is the web address of the gallery and take your time browsing through the pages at your leisure.  They features new and seasoned artists from all over the world.  Some of the more well-known contemporary artists have set up their own virtual galleries.  Here is a look at one of the virtual galleries.

The Role of an Online Gallery

There are some purists who believe that art is all about color, passion and trying to see the world through the eyes of an artist as they create their work.  They also believe that you just can’t get those same feeling through your computer and that art must be seen in real life in order to be truly appreciated.  There is some veracity to their statements looking at the real piece right in front of you is a completely different experience to viewing art online.

For those that don’t live in New York or Paris then online art galleries are often the only way that they get to experience the shows of up and coming artists.  Many people who truly appreciate great art don’t have the luxury of being able to wander the galleries of the art district in Paris, for them online galleries are the perfect alternative.

The world is changing however and buying art online is becoming more commonplace.  It allows contemporary artists to market themselves to a much wider audience and grow an organic following.  If you are still hesitant about buying art online then make sure that you buy from the artist directly or from a reputable gallery that you know and trust.

Art is incredible and the internet makes it available to everyone, you can view or buy some affordable pieces from the internet that normally would be out of reach.

Galleries That Sell Contemporary Art

Galleries That Sell Contemporary Art

An art gallery is a place that art is displayed and sold for profit.  People sometimes confuse an Art Gallery with an Art Museum, the largest difference is that an art gallery is a business and its sole purpose is to make money.  Museums on the other hand display famous pieces of art, some museums will specialize in art from local artists and others like The Louvre in Paris display world renowned pieces of art like the Mona Lisa.  Cities like New York, London and Paris have plenty of both, but they are all better for finding galleries that sell contemporary art.

Contemporary Art Galleries

Similarly to a museum galleries do put art on display for the public to enjoy.  You can tour the gallery and see some incredible pieces of art, and galleries that carry contemporary art often give you the chance to meet the artist too.  Galleries run an exhibition for a couple days up to a couple of weeks and the shows are usually centered on a particular artist.  Most galleries will show some kind of visual art, be it paintings or sculptures and occasionally photographers.  Galleries are a business and they make their money selling art, the gallery generally takes a commission from every piece that is sold.

Somme galleries, although very few, will charge admission to the public to view the art.  That only happens with a very high profile artist.   Some artists can earn a living from their art while others are supported by grants, and some of them are huge grants and prizes.  The Guggenheim Museum is one that offers huge prizes, there is a $100,000 prize from the Hugo Boss clothing company that one artists is selected for each year.

What is Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a just a fancy way of describing modern art.  Though some consider any art created after the second World War to fall into the category of contemporary art.  Contemporary art describes a time period but not necessarily a style of art.  There are tons of different exhibits all over the world that display contemporary art.  Most larger cities have contemporary art galleries both private and publicly funded.  Corporations are even jumping on the art band wagon and sponsoring local galleries and they will display art within lobbies and boardrooms.

Contemporary galleries are incredible places to see up and coming artists and to grab yourself a beautiful piece of art while it is still affordable.  You can support your local arts community, or if art is out of your budget then spend an afternoon browsing an artist’s work.