Immerse Yourself in Scenic McCall River Rafting and Enjoy a Smooth Rafting Experience

Do you crave a relaxing journey on board the McCall River where you raft your way through different level Rapids? Why not take up a McCall River rafting adventure during September and October and enjoy fantastic wildlife viewing on the shores as your team floats pass peacefully.

It sure is an eye opening experience to see all types of wildlife which make this area their home. Notice deer peeking out from the rock outcroppings, observe waterfowl feeding by the river’s edge, or spot some rare bald eagles.

All at least 2 to 3 days for shorter rafting journeys and 4 to 6 days for longer ones. Floating the Canyon Springs section is an adventure not to be missed. While the beginning is said to be serene and calm, prepare yourself for the end section where you are sure to encounter four exciting rapids (Class 3 and 4).

Summer temperatures tend to vary between 85 to 100 degrees. Night time tends to drop to around 70 degrees. Many regard the McCall as the perfect campout on white beaches. Once you have experienced it, you would want to make it a regular family tradition to visit this area every year so you can all enjoy a bit of magical time right in the heart of Idaho mountains.

Float down the scenic Idaho river right into the deep canyons that are towered by various mountain peaks. Without a doubt, McCall rafting trips are an excellent vacation choice for everyone, with plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities on the banks while you pass and lots to do once you are on land as well.

Nothing proves to be more thrilling than floating across challenging whitewater rapids while being surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery Idaho rafting has to offer. Not only does this area boast the best whitewater in the county, but just North of the McCall in the Riggins region, you will find the great Salmon River that is fondly called the Whitewater Capital of America.

Whether you are relatively new to the rafting game and still find your way around, or a seasoned expert who knows how to navigate extreme rapids skillfully, the McCall River has something for you.

Even if you are green in that you didn’t even lay your eyes on a raft or kayak, let alone dig your oars or paddles in the water, experienced outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips got you covered as their highly skilled river rafting guides take you on what is considered the most exciting expedition ever.

Where Would You Find the Best Whitewater Rafting Expeditions?

  • Payette River – Here you will discover a wide array of rapids and the very popular Class V rapids that stretch for 15 miles.
  • Little Salmon River – This river is revered for offering the most spectacular rapids around.
  • Salmon River – One of Idaho’s popular river, offers summer and early fall float rafting trips. Rapids over here range from the more milder Class I to Class IV. Luckily, calmer waters are found in between rapids. It is not uncommon to find rafters camping out along sandy banks.
  • Snake River – This river boasts first Class V rapids and is known for attracting world class rafters. You will come across Class II and III rapids like Rush Creek and Water Spout. One of the more popular Class IV rapids is the Granite Creek. It is only when you float your way through Hells Canyon that you develop a deeper level of respect as it is even deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Do you feel that whitewater rafting is only reserved for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Whitewater rafting is regarded as a fun filled activity that is suited to people of all age groups in that it makes provision for guests from the age of 4 through to 94 with different interest levels and skills. It is a given that multiple generations can connect like this while enjoying McCall River rafting at its best.

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You are sure to find something for everyone and feel much safer at the prospect of being accompanied by skilled rafters.