Galleries That Sell Contemporary Art

Galleries That Sell Contemporary Art

An art gallery is a place that art is displayed and sold for profit.  People sometimes confuse an Art Gallery with an Art Museum, the largest difference is that an art gallery is a business and its sole purpose is to make money.  Museums on the other hand display famous pieces of art, some museums will specialize in art from local artists and others like The Louvre in Paris display world renowned pieces of art like the Mona Lisa.  Cities like New York, London and Paris have plenty of both, but they are all better for finding galleries that sell contemporary art.

Contemporary Art Galleries

Similarly to a museum galleries do put art on display for the public to enjoy.  You can tour the gallery and see some incredible pieces of art, and galleries that carry contemporary art often give you the chance to meet the artist too.  Galleries run an exhibition for a couple days up to a couple of weeks and the shows are usually centered on a particular artist.  Most galleries will show some kind of visual art, be it paintings or sculptures and occasionally photographers.  Galleries are a business and they make their money selling art, the gallery generally takes a commission from every piece that is sold.

Somme galleries, although very few, will charge admission to the public to view the art.  That only happens with a very high profile artist.   Some artists can earn a living from their art while others are supported by grants, and some of them are huge grants and prizes.  The Guggenheim Museum is one that offers huge prizes, there is a $100,000 prize from the Hugo Boss clothing company that one artists is selected for each year.

What is Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is a just a fancy way of describing modern art.  Though some consider any art created after the second World War to fall into the category of contemporary art.  Contemporary art describes a time period but not necessarily a style of art.  There are tons of different exhibits all over the world that display contemporary art.  Most larger cities have contemporary art galleries both private and publicly funded.  Corporations are even jumping on the art band wagon and sponsoring local galleries and they will display art within lobbies and boardrooms.

Contemporary galleries are incredible places to see up and coming artists and to grab yourself a beautiful piece of art while it is still affordable.  You can support your local arts community, or if art is out of your budget then spend an afternoon browsing an artist’s work.